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I’ve had the idea of writing a “spooky” song about slutty costumes for almost a year now… and I got it done just in time for the season! Plus, I got the help of my amazing friend Chris Thomas, who composes EPIC scary music for haunted houses, hayrides, boats, and more. So it’s straight up […]

The Anals of History

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We’ve been waiting for this one a long time now, but yes: I finally made a music video for my most popular ukulele song! Now you can jam out to the refrain “don’t put it in my butt” whenever you like. Glorious. Also, if you would like to check out the websites it’s been featured […]

“Pluto’s Lament”

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So I have the great fortune of dating an awesome man who has an awesome job working on the television show Cosmos, and while at the Christmas party for said show, I got to meet the one and only Neil Degrasse Tyson. (Not to mention I also met and danced with Bill Nye, yes, the […]

An Overdue Update: Races, Projects, the News and Shows.

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Disclaimer: I am maybe the worst ever with this website. I think it’s because I can’t figure out how to make it more beautiful and helpful to people. So I get annoyed and neglect it. It is also prey to the most obnoxious bouts of spam comments that I have to sift through that fill […]

Let’s Go Back: the newest music video!

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So, I was trying to make a music video that touched on something important to me, namely women’s rights, though I agonized over how in the world I was going to make that funny. I landed on satire… and Mary Poppins style singing. With a little rap. After a huge outpouring of support from others […]

The Ivy League Hustle. BIG TIME.

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Wow. Soooo, ummmm, I’ve been getting a lot of attention all of a sudden, so it looks like my convoluted little wordpress site could use an overhaul sometime soon. In the meantime, I’m going to post the haps right here. My latest music video, The Ivy League Hustle (I Went to Princeton, Bitch) took off […]

GIRL DATE: The Official Music Video!

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Comediva super awesomely produced a video for my song “Girl Date”, which features all– or at least many of– the other lovely ladies of the site. Here’s the video, and a very fun little outtakes followup:

Dr. Pepper 10 is NOT for Women.

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Our latest parody video has got a lot of good feedback… it’s both on Buzzfeed and Jezebel! Take a look: As one reader of Jezebel says, “when she strokes her junk, it makes me just the right amount of uncomfortable.” I could ask for nothing more.

Formosa Cafe, Saturday Dec 3; Comedy Store Sunday Dec. 11!

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Two great shows coming up that I’m very excited about… firstly, I will be doing standup for the first time in Hollywood at an old haunt of mine with very yummy food… Nikki@ Formosa Cafe 7156 Santa Monica Boulevard (corner of Formosa and Santa Monica Blvd) Saturday Dec 3, 7:30 PM 18+, $10 cover, no […]

Hiphop Jugband presents: Spread by Outkast

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Here is my latest musical collaboration with MJ. A very fun very silly thing. (Better if you brush up on your “The Love Below” to get the joke.)