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Tosh.0 Herpes Girl and Trip Tease

Yes, I have arrived at speaking roledom, and it is again thanks to Tosh.0 that I’ve graced the small screen, this time with dialogue. Of course that dialogue would have to be something exceptionally dignified, such as, “I think I might have Herpes.” Yes!!

We shot this bit a couple weeks ago, and it just aired tonight at 10PM. Weirdly enough, I have never been hit on more within the span of an hour. Thought that ought to have salted up my game. But the inner workings of the heterosexual male never ceases to amaze.

Once there’s a clip, I will surely post it. For now, here’s a picture of my contract:

Like playing Blanche DuBois, only better.

And here’s a nice still from the live taping, with me up on the screen during the web redemption:

Todd Glass' Awful Prank Show, College Edition

I’m performing at Trip Bar tomorrow night at 10PM again, going to add in one of the new songs into the mix, and feature a bunch of old girlpower songs in honor of some friends from the La Tri Club who are coming out. The addy is 2101 Lincoln Blvd in Santa Monica, if you’re around!