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An Overdue Update: Races, Projects, the News and Shows.

Disclaimer: I am maybe the worst ever with this website. I think it’s because I can’t figure out how to make it more beautiful and helpful to people. So I get annoyed and neglect it. It is also prey to the most obnoxious bouts of spam comments that I have to sift through that fill me with constant rage. But… what is the point of buying the domain if I do not use it properly? There is no point. Therefore, I am resolving to post at least once a month with news and projects. Hooray!

To begin with, I recently completed my second official and third unofficial Ironman. Wait, that was semantically confusing– all I mean is, three 140.6 mile races, two of which were brand name. Sadly this one left something to be desired. For a full race report, you can go to my other blog, hollywoodtriathlete.com. (Or click this!)
It’s amusing and terrible. All I have to say is… that race was so bad it almost made me racist. (It was in Mexico.)

Just kidding, my easily offended liberal friends! You know how I roll: I was ALREADY racist!!

For those who did not know, I released a hyperfast web series, World’s Worst Bond Girl, in the fall. It’s been ongoing, really. The last four episodes are being edited and I will be moving on to other creative pastures. To check out the series, click here.

Many of the jokes are fairly stupid, but I love them oh so much!

I’m working on a short with my fav DP Julian Romero (Stuart G Murphy is also my favorite, but he’s more of an MC/DP, so I don’t feel bad saying that) and am also in the process of getting some ukulele songs recorded so I may, at long last, do a music video for a few of my most popular songs. “Anals of History” needs a video before Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is old news!!! (If you think I spelled that without looking it up… you believe in me too much.)

Recently the famed “Ivy League Hustle” met with a resurgence of popularity when being used in reference to an open letter to Princetonian coeds, encouraging them to find a husband while at school, since it’s ripe pickings and will never be as good. Here’s the author of the letter on Fox News with Megyn Kelly– at minute four of the interview, they play a clip of my song.

Feminist comedienne that I am, I didn’t dig on my rap being co-opted for what I saw as a totally outmoded argument, so I wrote a response that was put up on the Huffington Post, and met with a lot of praise. Yay!

I must say, I’m nearing the end of these fine experimental and adventurous years in my 20s, and it’s not nice having your general anxiety amplified by someone saying, “yo, you blew your one shot at happiness six years ago.” Not cool! So I wanted to offer a different opinion, ruminated on it, and the rest is internet history.

Meanwhile, in real life, I’m doing some live shows, too. My Musical Improv troupe, Broke City Cabaret, will be performing three times in the next three months at The Second City in Hollywood. Shows are on Thursdays at 9PM, April 11, May 9 and June 13 respectively. I think it’s $10. What I know is that it’s gonna be adorable and entertaining. We are a charming ragtag bunch.