I’ve been writing loads of comedy and sketch in my time in LA, and most recently, I’ve started getting articles up on the web through comediva.com, the female driven comedy website that’s just launched.  For a quick reference to the latest stuff I’ve written, you can go here and browse. But if you’d rather just see some of my favorites (although I love most everything I write) check the following:

Get off my Moby Dick”: this one you might recognize from the annals of my blog.

Post Modern Analysis of Rebecca Black’s Friday… yes it really does start with a Walter Benjamin quote.

Things We Learned From Bond Girls (so true).

Raunchy Math on Pi Day.

Which Historical Tyrant is Your Boss? was the first quiz I did for the site, followed by such hits as “What Kind of Wine Are You” and then “What Kind of Weed Are You“. (My Princeton education truly shines through both of these.) Nothing beats the original, though, Which historical dictator is your boss?

I’ve been writing a series called “The Dating Survival Guide”, flighty fare for chicks dating dudes they don’t “get” but would like to. Dating Survival Guide: The Geek: Was the first installment in my Rosetta Stone to dating different fellas. Though I’m personally very pleased with how the Passover Edition came out. Mmm Jews.

And alternatively, there was the very silly Dudes You Don’t Want to Hit On You, and What Would a Unicorn Do?

The more fun writing is probably that which I’ve written in character. (There’s a web series on the site called “The Divas”, with several archetypal ladies, and I’ve ghostwritten blogs for quite a few of them.)

My most popular ghostwriting is for Shirley, the surly drunk broad, and Lucille, the innocent cat and grandma loving lady. Both have recurring columns… Shirley’s Bitter Horrorscopes (how fun to write weekly predictions from the stars about your herpes outbreak) and Lucille’s Kitty Korner, which teaches you how to celebrate the holidays with your cat.

The ‘scopes have been getting lots of views, and are a ridiculous amount of fun. Go here to read a few. Odds are you will be called a lesbian, told you have an STD, and advised to get high and drunk to resolve your life issues.

If you go here, you can look at most of the Kitty Korners (they’re tagged weirdly, so I just searched all Lucille’s stuff. Deal with it.) I’m pretty thrilled with the Celebrating Judgement Day With Your Cat, though.

I also have written a few pieces in the voice of the sex-obsessed Katharine, such as her Oscar Movie Reviews and Surviving the Post St. Patrick’s Day Walk of Shame

And on occasion, I’ll make a manifesto for Frida, like the St. Patrick’s Day Manifesto

In other history, I’ve written some real stuff too.  Here’s a PDF of my book of poetry, which is totally awesome.  I wrote it my senior year of college for my thesis work at Princeton, and while yes, it’s poetry, and yes it *may* include some– or many– references to Wagner’s Ring Cycle, I wrote it in a way that, I hope, makes it accessible to all.  Plus it has a very thorough appendix.  Help yourself to some culture, people.  😉  (Yeah, I’m not above the winky face.)


And of course you should know that I like to write a lot of sketch. One of my favorites is under the Comedy page; “The Adult Game of Trouble.

Keep an eye out for updates… I’m always writing something.