Latest press: Big write-up thanks to PAW. (Also where all these amazing photos from Jospeh Puhy came from!)

I was on the tosh.0 blog and elite daily! Also in radass.

Reviews call “The Anals of History” both “educational” and “surprisingly pleasant”. Hooray!

Large amounts of press for “Ivy League Hustle”, including an interview with CBS “This Morning”! Here’s a list:

Huffington Post

Princeton Alumni Weekly

MTV Act Blog (full interview)


Daily Mail (UK)

Clutch Mag

A beautifully reflective blog post by Karen Sibert.

Vitamin W

Also, I wrote a blog for the Huffington Post as a response to Susan Patton’s decree that all Princeton ladies should find a husband their freshman year (oy!)

I was interviewed by Comediva for their “Giggle Goddesses” featurette. Here’s what I said.

The PSA I made to accompany my slutty rap was featured on Funny Not Slutty. Yay!

Just thought I’d add in some comments on my satirical slutty rap…
Says a friend: “much as the dick sucking was over the top, it was so beautifully done! It was like the slutty comediane version of Kings Speech.”

The movie I’m not allowed to talk about yet has been getting reviewed… extremely poorly… but that was sort of expected. (From one review: “What we have here is shit. Shit, poo, crap, excrement, and brown biscuits.” Ouch.)

However, without revealing the movie, I did get nice feedback. Evidently I was the diamond in the rough:

“I give it to the actress playing ****, though. For better or worse she really goes for it, and whatever shreds of goodness there are to be found here come from her performance and her performance alone.”

This reviewer actually didn’t hate the whole movie so much:

Admittedly, most of the cast is kind of wooden, but the girl they got to play ***** turned out to be a great casting maneuver–she’s a whole bundle of freaky, and does a great job of veering wildly between ominous, normal little girl, and demonic rage.

Also, this just came out:

The only enjoyable thing about this film is the actress who plays ***** (whose name you can’t find due to the filmmakers playing this up as a real film) . She gives an over-the-top fun performance (even gets topless) and you’ll be wishing the movie spent more time with her. Unfortunately she put all her effort into a SHIT film.”

Yeah, that’s how I feel.

Also, for all the bad reviews, the consistent thing is that everyone believes the audio recordings I recreated are real, and that in itself is a huge compliment. I will write all about this process once I’m out of my nondisclosure agreement…

In other press news, the yoga rap actually got reviewed and reposted on a few blogs, which I, being oblivious, never knew…  here’s a few links:

Yoga Dork

It’s All Yoga, Baby

Yoganonymous Jam of the Week

This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

And here’s an old ass review of a play I was in.  Well, doesn’t say much about me, but I AM part of the “golden” student cast… and an even older review of a thesis production I did at Princeton, which kicked butt.  Just for nostalgia’s sake.